About Us

Today's market has seen a change, and that's a demand for specialized PC builds that take less than 4 weeks to receive. Our technicians are talented and highly motivated with our growth, and that gives us the ability to shorten the duration of time between a customer's order placement and delivery of their PC. We founded Tom's-PC's to give others an opportunity, and to provide unprecedent personalization, performance, and quality for each and every single person, in the least amount of time possible. We truly strive to impress.

Our assembly team is located in Houston Texas, at the hub / energy corridor for all of Houston's technology and petrochemical industries. We believe in treating our employees with dignity and respect, and the results are shown by the level of detail and quality in every single build purchased.

  • Integrity is at the foundation of our principles
  • We use high-quality parts in every build
  • Our customer service team is dedicated to helping you find a PC that meets your needs and your budget
  • Customer Service does not end with purchase - We love to hear how much our customers love their Tom's-PC's… and if something is not right, we will make it right, guaranteed
  • Free Ground Shipping is provided to customers located in the continental U.S.A., and faster shipping times are available at checkout.